Please select an I-Shoot for your session:

The script below will create Folders and Sub-Folders at: C:\ishoot\2020 that can be used in the Setup of shoots in SkeetManager for Backup and Report Directories. This script will NOT overwrite any directories that already exist so you may use it multiple times. For example I removed the March Madness shoot and added the March Winds shoot. If you download and re-run this again it will add the March Winds shoot directories but will not remove March Madness directories. This script will also cause Windows to bitterly complain that you should not run such scripts downloaded from the internet as the may cause damage to your computer. I run it on my computer, it is your choice to run it on yours.

setup_c_ishoot_2020_all.bat - BAT

iShoot CHAT Client Download (Mattermost)

I have installed a Self-Hosted MatterMost chat server at ( so that Shoot Admins can better communicate during iShoot events. This is nice as it does not include annoying Advertisement that others like SLACK push out and has total control of who can use the server. Texting is okay for less than 10 admins, but this makes for a lot better options for communicating, sharing, and directing an iShoot. You have to have a valid email address to be invited, and you will be able to setup a personal account. You may use your email address or you could setup a seperate gun club email soley for iShoot administration, the choice is yours. You will have to be invited so send and email and I will send an invitation. On your computer, you do not have to install the client, you can just simply login through the webbrowser. On iOS and Android phones/tablets the App is friendlier. Using this on your SkeetManger Computer will allow you to type on the keyboard and will make sharing links much easier. Below is a link to the MatterMost Windows Client. (LOGIN REQUIRED) This is a sizeable download (150MB), please install it BEFORE you go somewhere with limited bandwidth. You can also visit the download page at ( to download installs for your iOS, Android or other devices.

Newest iSReg Updates Memo - PDF


The latest version of Skeet Manager is 18.07! If you have not, please upgrade to version 18.07 NOW to take advantage of the newest features!


iShoot iSync Downloads

Login required to access all iShoot iSync Downloads

iShoot iSync Install HOWTO - PDF


iShoot iSync Operations Before/During/After Event - PDF

Login required to access the iShoot iSync installer EXE above.


Current Shoot Template Backup Download

NEW iShoot Template Instructions


New iShoot Template Memo - PDF


Download this, open the zip file, extract the files to your computer where you know they are, use the "2020 Setup iShoot Diretories" script above and the backup and report folders will be set in the template, then use SkeetManager to restore a shoot from this backup. Read the "Help on using the Template Download" PDF below if you have questions. You will want to modify the Squadding to fit your chosen rotations for the shoot.

Club Shoot-Off Updates Help

Club Shoot-Offs Updates Process Help

Club SO Upload Help

Club SO Upload Help

Skeet Manager NSSA DB Import help

Skeet Manager NSSA Data Import Example PDF

iShoot Shoot-Off Scoresheet Examples

iShoot Shoot-Off Scoresheet Example PDF

New Quick-Start Help on Backup Upload

New Quick-Start Help on Backup Upload - upload_quick_start.pdf

Affordable iShoot Scrolling Scoreboard with Raspberry Pi 3B

Raspberry PI Scoreboard HOWTO PDF

Help on using the Backup Template Download

HELP using Backup Template - backup_template_help.pdf

Help on using the Backup Template Download

HELP Verify Setup - verify_setup_help.pdf

Help on Pre-Entry

HELP for Pre-Entry Use - pre-entry-document.pdf

Help on Pre-Entry Document 2

HELP for Pre-Entry Use Document 2 - pre-entry-document-2.pdf

Help on How to Upload Backups

HELP How to Upload backups - Howto_Upload_Backups.pdf

Help on Shoot-Off Entry and procedures

HELP for Shoot-Offs - iShoot_Shoot-Off_Help.pdf

iShoot Management

1) The Championship will have a HOST Club that the entire shoot will be reported under. iShoot for iShoots will report the scores and results for the HOST Club to NSSA. Visit the iShoot Procedures page for other standard procedures.

2) Clubs will use the current version of Skeet Manager program ( If your club has issues with your install contact Clark Hartness.

3) Clubs will have an administrative login at: to upload data, track scores, and shoot-off management.

4) Clubs will have access to a financial form at: recapping the amount that should be rendered to iShoot for iShoots. iShoot for iShoots will distribute these funds to NSSA, iShoot for iShoots, and winners.

5) Clubs will pay any incurred costs out of the club portion of the shoot proceeds and retain any remaining proceeds as profit.

6) Champion, Runner-Up, 3rd, Class and Option Shoot-offs

iShoot for iShoots will shoot-off Champion, Runner-Up, 3rd, Class 1st, Class 2nd, and Class 3rd at all shoots to benefit iShoots Shooters with the most points available.
Concurrent Champion, Runner-up, and Third ties will be shoot-off. Class 1-1 to Class 1-6 ties will typically be broken concurrently with Championship and class shoot-offs or by long-run.
Any shoot-offs that are missed or not otherwise broken will be broken by long-run.
Shooters who are involved in shoot-offs should report to the shoot-off field at the club with two boxes of shells and some proofs.
Shooters will shoot doubles on 3-4-5, NSSA Rules, until they complete two boxes or until 2 misses.
Clubs will post shoot-off long-runs at:
If ties still exist after the first box the procedure will be repeated until all ties are broken statewide and posted at

7) Clubs will provide copies of shoot-off scoresheets either physical or electronic to iShoot for iShoots for review in the event of questions by shooters attending the iShoot for iShoots.

General Information

Shoot management reserves the right to adjust flight times according to shooter turnout.
When practical shoot management will hold sub-event shootoffs during lunch and other breaks to expedite the shoot.
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